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What members have to say

"Since joining LCBP, I've had quality referrals that turned into thousands of dollars worth of business."

Jim Hunt

Brooks, Todd & McNeil

"LCBP members are some of the most supportive, amazing group of professionals. I love working with them."

Lesley Budny

Warner Theatre

"Litchfield County Business Professionals gave me referrals after one meeting when I attended as a guest. I knew it was going to be a great group to work with and I'm glad I joined."

Nat Worden

Ericson Insurance

"My company continuously benefits because I have contacts in the group that serve the same clients that I do. We work together."

Marcus Santore

Marrin Santore Realty

"I've had the pleasure of working with most of the people in the group as well as their families, business, and friends."

"My business has never been busier. I'm closing new business every week through LCBP leads."

Marco Merati

Village Mortgage

"I've been a member of LCBP for 3 years and has helped grow my company."

Kelly Taylor

Northwest Home Care, Inc.

Jill Davenport

Litchfield Hills Photography

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